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Program function key handling in DC1

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Program function key handling is a powerful feature, giving the user easy and quick access to several related functions, within a range of routines, throughout the DC1 application suite. The purpose is to be able to access more functions without them having to be assigned to a function key. It is possible to set up the available functions for either all users, with the translation possibilities of some of the values, or for an individual user. The system comes defaulted with additional functions and assigned function keys, besides the standard functions that apply for each program.

This routine is secured, meaning only authorized users (System Administrators and DC1 consultants) will have access to maintain all settings. However, users can customise some of the settings for their own user profile. See Maintain individual user settings for Program function key handling for details.

There are three different scenarios related to the program function keys:

  1. There is no assigned function key (F-key). The only access is via the function list.
  2. A function key is assigned to the function, but there is no button available on the panel. The only access is via the function list or by pressing the actual F-key (e.g. F8) directly on your keyboard.
  3. A function key is assigned to the function and a button is available. You will see the button with a description at the bottom of the panel together with any other standard function keys applicable for the program. You can access the function by clicking the button on the panel, or by accessing the function list, or by pressing the actual F-key directly on your keyboard.
  4. See Run functions via Program function key handling for instructions.

For information about how to implement Program function key handling, see the related technical document in the DC1 Technical References accessible on the Iptor Intranet.

Related topics