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Rebuild A/R and A/P balances (FSR88001)

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In this routine you can rebuild A/R and A/P balances based on the existing records in your transaction files. You use this routine to rebuild the balances if you suspect the present balances to be corrupt. When the rebuild is run, all other users of DC1 Financials must be signed off, also DC1 Distribution direct print and MDC jobs must be terminated, otherwise the request will be rejected.

Before starting the rebuild, backup copies of the current balance files are automatically created. The name of the A/R balance file is SROCMB and its backup file is named “CBmmddhhmm”. For example, CB06250945 means that the backup file was created June 25th at 09:45. The name of the A/P balance file is SROLMB and its backup file is named “LBmmddhhmm”.

If the rebuild ends successfully, the backup files are automatically deleted. If the rebuild is disrupted, the backup files are saved and can be used to manually restore the balance files by using the CPYF command.

When DC1 division concept is activated and the division structure of your company is changed, you may also use this routine to rebuild the balances to reflect the new organisation. That is, one or more cost centres have been added, removed or transferred from one division to another.

Balances are built and kept on the following six levels:

  1. Company
  2. Division (when used)
  3. Cost centre (when used)
  4. Division/customer (A/R) and division/supplier (A/P)
  5. Cc/customer (A/R) and cc/supplier (A/P)
  6. Customer (A/R) and supplier (A/P)


Indicate if you want to rebuild A/R balances. If YES, A/P must be NO.
Indicate if you want to rebuild A/P balances. If YES, A/R must be NO.
Start period
If you enter a start period, the division information will be updated in all transactions, belonging to that period or later periods, to correspond to the cost centre of the transaction. By doing so, you can choose to rebuild your A/R and A/P balances from a certain accounting period, and yet keep your historic balances unchanged up to that period.

If you leave this field blank, all transactions will be searched to establish the current relation between cost centre and division.

Click OK to run the routine in batch mode, or press F2 to run the routine interactively.