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Insurance list printout (AACD4601)

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In this routine you create printouts to analyse the premium cost and insurance situation of the assets in your company. The list can be sequenced either in insurance company or in insurance policy order. The total premium cost per company is printed, as well as information showing which assets that are covered per policy. The policy value as well as total insurance value per asset covered by the policy will be revaluated according to the selected index period, to enable analysis of how well the policy covers the asset values. You define the sequence as well as the selection on this panel.


  • Insurance company
  • Insurance policy


  • Insurance company
  • Insurance policy
  • Insurance value
  • Ins premium/year
Print policy info
If the list is printed in insurance company sequence, then set to YES to print also detailed insurance policy information. Otherwise, set to NO.
Index period
Enter the index period to be used for revaluating the insurance values (per policy and total per covered assets).