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Automatic printout of MSDS from log (DIR74601)

This is the program for printing MSDS from the MSDS log file. The MSDS log file is automatically updated when selling items connected to an MSDS (the MSDS field on the Basic data panel in the Item file is completed).

When a customer buys an MSDS item for the first time, a record is added to this file when the sales order line status exceeds 20. The version number of this record is 0 (zero).

When the MSDS is physically printed, e.g. by using this program, the version number of the record will be set to the same version number as defined for the MSDS in the MSDS file (Work with material safety data sheets).

The next time the customer buys the item, this file is not affected until the MSDS is to be printed. When using this program to print it, the system will:

  • compare the MSDS version in the MSDS file to the version of the record in the MSDS log file
  • print the MSDS if the version of the record in the MSDS log file is lower than the version defined in the MSDS file (which it always is, if it is the first time the customer buys the item)
  • change the version of the record in the MSDS log file to the same version as the MSDS in the MSDS file

For example:

MSDS file

MSDS Version number (Current version)
DO23 5
DO551 1

MSDS log file

MSDS Version number Customer
DO23 4 100300
DO23 3 102000
DO551 1 100300

This program will print the MSDS for DO23. It will be printed twice since there are two records with a version number lower than 5. In addition, the version number for the DO23 records will be updated to 5.

Note: It is the information defined for the latest version in the MSDS file that is printed. In the above example, the information defined for version 5 is printed.

Enter in the field below which letter code to use to print the enclosed letter.
Mandatory entry. Enter a code from the Letter file, indicating the letter to be printed together with the MSDS.