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Work with receipts (DIR67001)

This is the initial panel for working with receipts for a shipment or purchase order. This panel can be accessed from the following routines:

  • Receive replenishment line
  • Work with inbound shipments

The panel displays the amount of goods on the purchase order line(s) that have been received. This panel can only be accessed if the Landed cost req field on the shipment header/purchase order header panel is set to YES.

Note: The received quantity on the purchase order lines will not be updated to stock (i.e. the quantities will not be available for sale) until the shipment/order line is booked.


Delete Select this option to delete the received line. The order line is actually not deleted. It is only reset, meaning that the system will consider it as not received.

Note: This option is only allowed if the line has been received through the Receive replenishment line function. Furthermore, the line cannot be deleted if the shipment has been closed. This means that the purchase order line status has to be 30 for you to be allowed to use this option.

Display Select this option to view detailed information.

Selection fields

Work with receipts (DIR67004)

This panel displays detailed information about the purchase order line received.

The field below this header display information about the storage location for the item.
Displays the warehouse in which the item will be stocked.
The fields below this header display shipment line information.
Replenishment type
Displays the code indicating the type of replenishment line received, i.e. the code for purchase orders. The code displayed depends on what the corresponding panel value is for your system’s language (defined in the Panel value table and Language table). The preloaded panel value for purchase orders is P.
Purchase order/line
Displays the purchase order number and line number for this receipt.
Order reference
Displays the supplier’s internal reference to the purchase order. This is typically the number of the supplier’s sales order that accompanied the purchase order when it was received.
Shipment number
A value is only displayed in this field if the purchase order line was included in a shipment. Displays the shipment number that the order line belonged to.
Shipping agent

A value is only displayed in this field if the purchase order line was included in a shipment, and the information is defined on the order or shipment.

Accounting period
Displays the accounting period in which this receipt is booked.
Reception note
Displays the reception note number assigned to the purchase order line.
The fields below this header display information about the item.
Displays the item received.
Displays the quantity received.

Reception date
Displays when the item was received.
Entry information
The fields below display entry information.
Displays a code from Work with DC1 user profiles indicating the user within your company who performed the reception.
Displays when the reception was performed.

Work with receipts, Deletion (DIR67005)

This panel displays the reception lines you have selected to delete. The order lines are actually not deleted. They are only reset, meaning that the system will consider them as not received.

Click OK to delete. Click Back to regret.