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Profitable items not bought enquiry, All item groups (DIR79501)

This proactive enquiry provides invaluable information about the selling potential of the profitable items in your company that your customer has not bought. By viewing the turnover of item groups, (based on the total gross sales value of all associating items generated by the customer during a 13 month period), as well as the profitable items that your customer has not been buying, you will be able to make more informative decisions about your item sales.

You may have customers that have bought for a substantial amount for a certain item group (i.e. high gross sales value), but when analysing the items that they have not purchased in a 13 month period, those non-purchased items may contribute more to your companies’ total profit. By identifying your most profitable items that a customer never or seldom buys, you will be better equipped to push those items, thereby increasing your companies’ profit.

This enquiry is split into two panels allowing you to analyse the following per customer:

  • This first panel gives an overview of all item groups and with the gross sales value generated by the customer. The default mode when you first access this panel displays all item groups in your database in alphanumerical order. By toggling the view you can sequence the gross sales value in descending order, thereby viewing the item groups with the highest turnover for this customer during the last 13 months (current month + previous 12 months).
  • If DC1 Analyser is installed and activated you can drill down on an item group to view your most profitable items that a customer has not bought in the last 13 months.


Display items not bought This option is only allowed if DC1 Analyser is installed and activated. Select this option to view your profitable items that this customer has not bought in the past 13 months.

Function keys

Gross sales value sequence / Item group sequence Toggle the item groups in alphanumerical order and in descending total gross sales value order. Note: In total sales gross order mode, the item groups without a gross sales value are displayed in item group order.

Selection fields

Displays the customer number entered in the Customer Management Console. Enter a code from the Business partner file and click OK to display information about the items not bought by another customer.
This column displays a list, in alphanumerical order, of all item groups set up in your system.

Gross sales value
This column displays the total gross sales value of items bought for this item group, by this customer, during the last 13 months (current month + last 12 months). Click Gross sales value sequence to sequence this information in descending Gross sales value order to view those item groups with the highest turnover.