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FIFO transaction selection (DMR91701)

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This panel can be accessed from the following routines, if FIFO is the valid stock valuation method in the system:

  • Maintain purchase order if returning items with an “immediate return” order type
  • Confirm purchase order reception note if returning items with a “immediate return” order type
  • Work with inventory

The FIFO transactions for the selected item, warehouse and batch are displayed on this panel. You can select which one shall be used for the returns to the supplier or inventory transactions.

Selection can only be made for those transactions marked with an asterisk (*). The transactions marked with an asterisk (*) are the transactions needed to cover stock on hand quantity plus delivered not invoiced quantity.

Requested quantity
The requested quantity.

Tr date
The FIFO transaction date.
The purchase order number.
The item line number.
Cost price
The cost price for the item.

Stock qty
The amount of the inventory stock at the warehouse.
Purch qty
The suggested purchase quantity.
An asterisk (*) in this column indicates that the quantity is available.
The batch ID.