Create text sets in different languages

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The following describes how to create text sets in different languages. The text sets are normally created with different numbers. Alternatively, you can create two text sets with the same number; text set number 1 with language British English and text set number 1 with language Swedish.

The Multiple languages field in Work with document text types must be set to YES for the text type you choose to work with.

  1. As an example, select a sales order line on the Work with sales orders, Order lines panel and click Text.
  2. On the Edit text panel, click Text set.
  3. Then, click Add.
  4. You access the Edit text panel in the Work with text sets function. Complete the following fields:
  5. Text set
    Enter a number for the text set.
    Enter a language code. Only a language abbreviation defined in the system can be entered. Note: This field is only activated if Multiple languages is set to YES in Work with document text types.
    Enter the description for the text set.

    Click OK.

  6. You return to the Edit text panel where you enter the text in the chosen language and click OK until you exit.

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