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FRF description enquiry (ASGD0801)

This panel displays all fields in the Field reference file (FRF) in the system, together with a possible reference field, a descriptive text, the field length, the number of digits and the number of decimals.

Note: Duplicate fields are not allowed within the same subset. For example, the ABCD field may be defined for both subset *STANDARD and *COUNTRY but may not be defined for two different projects.

Function keys

Shift info Toggle between displaying:

  • the length, number of digits and number of decimals for the fields
  • the subset and modification number for the fields.

Selection fields

FRF description enquiry (ASGD0802)

Function keys

Where used List all files where the field is used.
Field name
Displays the code that represents the selected field.
Reference field
Displays the parent field name of the selected field.
Displays the type code for the field.

Valid types are:

Type Purpose
A alphanumeric field
P packed numeric field
S zoned numeric field

If Double Byte Character Set is installed on the iSeries, the following type codes may be used instead of A:

Type Purpose
J fields that can contain only DBCS data
E fields that can contain DBCS or alphanumeric data
O fields that can contain both DBCS and alphanumeric data
Displays the length of the field.
No dig
Displays the number of digits for the field. This information is only completed for numeric fields.
No dec
Displays the number of decimals for the field. This information is only completed for numeric fields.
Displays the edit code for this field. This information is only completed for numeric fields.
Ref sh
Displays the reference shift for this field. The reference shift defines which characters may be entered in the selected field on a maintenance panel.

The following characters are valid for alphanumeric fields: N, A, X, W, I, D or M.

The following characters are valid for numeric fields: S, Y, N, I or D.

Edit word
Displays a format consisting of blanks and characters that applies to the selected field. For example a format for the TIME field in the Field reference file, which defines that the hour, minutes and seconds are to be separated by colons.
Displays the alias for the field name. The alias is used in Client/Server (C/S).
Column heading 1-3
Displays the column headings for the field. Each heading is, if possible, not longer than the field length. The column headings are used when creating windows for the field, or when running a query for a file where the field is used.
Displays the subset to which the field belongs.
Modification number
Change date
Free text
Displays free text with detailed information for the field, for example, what the field is used for, as well as permitted values with explanations.

FRF description maintenance (ASGD0803)

This panel displays a listing of files where the field is used. To be able to display this information, the Retrieve FRF to file reference routine must be run first.