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Work with address categories (DIR88001)

Sales restrictions can be applied to delivery addresses thereby allowing you to restrict the sale of an item to a particular delivery address. The connection to the delivery address is done via an address category. In this table you set up the address categories.

The restriction process is then done as follows:

  1. Create a sales restriction in the Work with sales restrictions file.
  2. Attach the key for address category to the sales restriction (assuming it is activated in the Sales restriction keys table).
  3. Indicate the severity of the restriction in the Severity field. The following choices are available:
    • Sale is not allowed
    • Order will be held
    • Order line will be held
    • Warning
  4. Indicate the details of the restriction (i.e. the address category to which the restriction applies).

See the Work with sales restrictions file for more information about setting up restrictions.

You can then link the address category to the following:

  • Customer’s delivery address in the Business partner file which will default to the sales order
  • Directly in the delivery address on the sales order (the Addresses panel)
  • Quotation address maintenance
  • Purchase order address maintenance

The processing of the order/quotation depends on the severity of the restriction, as listed above. To test if a sales order has any restrictions, run the Work with sales restriction simulation program.


Selection fields

Work with address categories (DIR88004)

On this panel you enter the address category and description.


Work with address categories, Copy (DIR88005)

This panel displays the records that you selected to copy. Enter the new category.

Displays the record code that you selected to copy.
New category
Enter the code of the new Address category that you are creating.

Work with address categories, Deletion (DIR88008)