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Create interface file, Opening balances (FSR51001)

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This panel is accessed through the Create interface file for opening balances menu item.

Note: If you accessed this help text document from the Panel help for the Create interface file menu item, then click the link to return to the help text for that program, which is more commonly used when validating originating companies for updating a corporate company. In that program you can perform the update procedure several times, if necessary.

In this current program you create a company consolidation file for the startup of opening balances for originating companies. Normally, you only do this once for each company.


In the two fields below, make the selections for the creation of the originating company’s consolidation data.

Closing balance year
Select the closing balance year to include in the selection. The entered year will represent the opening balances at start-up in the corporate company. The closing balances will be updated in the last period in the interface file (SROCIB) according to the total number of periods defined in the G/L control file for the selected year.

Example: Consolidation types 1, 2, and 3 will be updated with consolidation type 1, exchange rate parameters.

Conversion report
Indicate if you want to print a conversion report of the accounts that can be converted successfully. An error report showing accounts that are/will not be transferred successfully is always printed.