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A/R portfolio maintenance (FKR33402)

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This panel is shown if you delete a portfolio document. The following applies depending on the status of the document:

Status Description
> 3 Deletion is not possible, the bill is closed or cancelled.
= 3 The bill has already been paid. The system will create normal close transactions. The underlying invoice documents will not be re-opened again. This must be done in the manual transaction entry routine.
< 3 The portfolio G/L transactions will be reversed by the system and the underlying documents will be re-opened again.
Portfolio type
The portfolio type shown here is from the payment document type of the document.
Indicates the status of the document.

The following codes apply:

The external number of the document indicates, e.g., the cheque number or the debtor bill number.
Transaction amount
Displays the transaction amount of the document.
Displays the transaction currency of the document.
The text of the document is retrieved from Work with document types or entered manually upon entry of the document. This information cannot be changed.
Creation date
The creation date of the document indicates the entry date for manual entries, and the issue date from an A/R payment proposal.
Portfolio accounting
Indicates if the portfolio handling will create G/L postings. This information is retrieved from Work with portfolio types.
Consolidated payment
Indicates if remittance to bank will also include payment confirmation. This information is retrieved from Work with portfolio types.
Consolidated closing
Indicates if payment confirmation will also include closing of the document. This information is retrieved from Work with portfolio types.
Automatic settlement
Indicates if the payment will be automatically settled during confirmation of the payment. This information is retrieved from Work with portfolio types.
Due date
Displays the due date of the document.
Remittance stop code
Displays a stop code from Work with stop codes if this portfolio document should not be remitted to bank.

Accounting period
Enter the accounting period in which to post the G/L postings from the portfolio cancellation. The system proposes the current period. The period must also be after the accounting period of the latest accounting made for the document, i.e., last status change.
Voucher type
Enter a voucher type valid for the DRCN routine. The voucher type controls the voucher numbering from the voucher number series defined for the type.
Voucher date
Enter the voucher date for the G/L postings. The system proposes the current date.
Connected documents
Displays the document type and number of the portfolio document. Note: The underlying invoice documents will be re-opened by the cancellation of the portfolio document. For settled portfolio entries a new intermediary document, a reverse payment will be created and the deleted bill/cheque will be settled by this document. If the portfolio entry is not settled then the deleted bill/cheque and the reverse payment that was created will remain open.
Reverse document
Enter the document type for the reverse document that the system will create to cancel the portfolio document. If document numbering is not automatic, you must also enter a document number. The data type for the document type must be the same for the connected and reverse documents.