Use multiple text sets

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Working with multiple text sets is very efficient when used on standard text. You can even have the same text set in various languages. As an example, you could have a standard text for certain occasions and connect it to a specific handler’s customer group. The following will be simpler, but still show you the principles with multiple text sets.

  1. As an example, select a sales order line on the Work with sales orders, Order lines panel and click Text.
  2. On the Edit text panel, click Text set.
  3. Then, click Add.
  4. You access the Edit text panel in the Work with text sets function. The following fields apply:
  5. Text set
    Enter a number for the text set.
    Enter the description for the text set.

    Click OK.

  6. You return to the Edit text panel where you enter the applicable text. Click OK to save the changes. The new text will be shown on the panel. You can now choose in which document the text in the text set should be printed. See step 4 in Activate/Inactivate documents.

Related topics