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A/R balances enquiry (FKR52501)

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This panel displays the balances, distributed by accounting period according to due date, and the percentage of the total balance which is due each period. Note: When the calculated % value is extreme (< -999 or > 999), the Balance enquiry program replaces the calculated value by -999 or 999.

Also shown is the accumulated percentage of the balance per period. You can display the balances in the debtor’s primary currency and system currency, or primary currency and reporting currency, depending on the chosen mode. You can toggle between the different currencies. The currencies used will be shown in the title of the panel.

If the debtor has open bill transactions defined with data type 6, the balances of these are also shown as portfolio balance.

Note: The portfolio balance is included in the actual balances.

The following selection criteria are available:

  • Division (when division handling is used)
  • Cost centre (when cost centre handling is used)
  • Division and debtor
  • Cost centre and debtor
  • Debtor no

Note: You can display the balance for the entire company if you leave Debtor, Cost centre and Division blank.

Function keys

For more information about additional functions accessible from this panel, see Functions in function list.

Debtor no
Enter the number of the debtor for which you want information and click OK. The internal name and telephone number of the selected debtor will be shown next to the number. The available function keys give access to different kinds of information for the entered debtor.
Cust struct
Only shown if the Business partner structure function is activated, and Debtor no has been completed. Indicates if the debtor exists in a customer structure.
Cost centre
Enter the cost centre alone or in combination with a debtor number. If cost centre is completed, Division must be blank.
Enter a division alone or in combination with a debtor number. If division is completed, Cost centre must be blank.
Credit limit
Only displayed if Debtor no has been completed. The credit limit in system currency for the debtor.
Grand total
This is the company for which the panel will display grand totals if you leave Debtor, Cost centre and Division blank.