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Bank reference no. based settlement info entry (FSR49601)

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This panel is shown if standard settlement option *DOC_BRNO (Bank reference no based settlement option) is entered for the registered payment. While manually registering a payment, you enter the bank reference number of the document which is to be settled with the payment. Depending on the definition of the applied payment template this window can precede or follow the payment registration panel. When you maintain an automatically created payment with the preloaded settlement, you correct the bank reference number that was loaded into the settlement interface file.

The bank reference number entered on this panel is used by the system both to identify the unique document which is to be settled with the registered payment and also to identify the document(s) from which the created payment data is to be defaulted.

If the payment has already been created then this field displays the document type followed by the document number of the payment.

Bank ref. number
Enter the bank reference number which identifies the document (invoice) to be settled and/or the document from which the registered payment data is to be defaulted.