Work with A/R notes (AUFD50101)


In this program you are able to add A/R notes to a customer’s account. Such notes could be, e.g., verbal agreements that you have made with the customer. All users can enter A/R notes, but only users defined with management rights (Management A/R notes is YES in Work with DC1 user profiles for the user) are allowed to change or delete entered A/R notes.

This panel is accessed from the detail level of Work with A/R – A/P analysis reports. The notes you enter or maintain here apply to the customer whose report you were working with.


Selection fields

Displays the customer number and name for which you are maintaining or viewing A/R notes.

This column lists the action dates for the A/R notes that have been entered.
Displays the text entered on the first text line for the related A/R note.
This column lists the ID:s of the handlers who entered the notes.

Work with A/R notes, Copy (AUFD50105)

Related topics

Displays the debtor to whom the note(s) you selected to copy relate(s).
Action date
Displays the date of the action for the note(s) you selected to copy.

New action date
Enter the new date of the action for the note that you are creating.

Work with A/R notes, Deletion (AUFD50108)

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