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Process CODA/FINSTA transactions (BEFD3301)


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The parameters entered on the start-up panel are stored according to the user ID and used as defaults, if the same user starts the CODA/FINSTA process again. This panel is used to enter the selections for the processing of the CODA/FINSTA transactions.


Print detail list
Indicate if you want to print the detail list or not. This detail list contains information of the complete CODA/FINSTA transfer file with some additional information such as business partner information, the transactions which will be settled against this payment, the accounts on which the G/L transactions will be booked, etc.
Print error list
Indicate if you want to print the error list. The layout of the error list is the same as the layout of the detail list. However, the error list contains only the transactions for which an error has been found. There are different types of errors, as listed below:

  • Bank account not found
  • No open transaction found for the given bank account number/amount/payment date
  • No exchange rate found for the currency found in the CODA/FINSTA transfer file
  • Transaction code not found. Note: Transaction codes which are not used in the system, but for which transactions are found in the CODA/FINSTA transfer file, are printed as transaction code not found. For these transactions, it is better to define the transaction code in the CODA/FINSTA transaction type table with the Incl in CODA process parameter set to blank.
Update bank numbers
Indicate if you want to update the bank account number of the business partner as entered in the CODA/FINSTA process routine, or if you want to use the system defaults (as entered in the Business partner file/Bank table).
Print info/free msg
The CODA/FINSTA transfer file also contains records with information and free texts (record types 31, 32, 33 & 34) related to some bank transactions. Indicate if you want to print the information from these records on the error or control list.
Indicate if you want to reorganise the work files during the processing of CODA/FINSTA transactions.