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Configurator parameter maintenance (CFG026B)

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On this panel you can add attributes to the parameter to be used in the product configuration.


The description of the configurator parameter.
Authority object
Note: This field is only displayed if the CFGPARM authority group is activated in the Authority group table. The code indicates the authority object for the parameter. You can either create a new or use an existing code. The authority object is used in the Authority group table to define if an authority control check should be performed when this parameter is used in the product configuration routine. See Define authority control for a parameter in product configurator for more information.
Attr code
The alphanumeric code that identifies an attribute.
Prompt text
The description, prompt text, of the attribute.
Seq no
The sequence number that is registered in intervals of 10 indicates the order in which the attributes are presented on the configuration panels.
Indicates if it is mandatory to enter a value for the attribute at product configuration.
Check value
The code indicates how the system will check the entered attribute value at product configuration.

Valid codes are:

Code Description
Blank No check
1 Error
2 Warning