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Work with assets, Locations & user fields (AACD16401)

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On this panel you enter location and user-defined information for the asset. It is necessary that this information is completed for all assets in the Asset file. Depending on the option and default setup you have chosen, some fields may already be completed. Some may also be protected, i.e. the cursor will by-pass them when you work your way through the fields.

Note: The default values defined for the template overrides the default values that would otherwise have been retrieved from the tables.


For each location class displayed, you may enter the location where this asset belongs. The locations can be used to control the accounting, if location substitution is used. It can also be used for sequencing and selection on different listings. If you want to utilise the asset inventory function, then location information is vital. The names of the fields are retrieved from the Heading location 1-8 fields in the ASM control file.

User defined fields

Enter user-defined information regarding the asset. The names of the fields are retrieved from the User defined fields in the ASM control file.