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Work with sales orders or Service orders or Sales quotations, Hold lines (DIR30301)

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There are three different titles available for this panel. The title that is displayed depends on where you accessed the panel from. This program allows you to manually hold order/quotation lines.

Function keys

Selection fields

Displays your customer’s name and number.
Order value/Quote value
Displays the total value of the order lines/quotation lines, after deduction of order header discount/quotation header discount, and including VAT (if applicable). Free-of-charge order lines/quotation lines are not included.

Note: This field cannot display amounts greater than 9999999999,999. If the amount exceeds this value, this field will display the last 10 digits of the amount.

Order number/Quote number
Displays the order number/quotation number and any version.
Credit limit
Indicates your customer’s credit limit. This amount is established in the Credit limit field of the Business partner file, A/R basic data panel.
Indicates your customer’s total sales order balance (in system currency).

Note: If the debtor is not your customer, then the value displayed in this field represents the debtor’s total balance and not the customer’s.

+ A/R – A/P balance

+ Invoiced not transf

+ Open orders

–  Received payments

= Total balance

This field is highlighted if the credit limit is exceeded. An authorised employee must then take necessary actions to release it for further processing.

Note: This field cannot display amounts greater than 9999999999,999. If the amount exceeds this value, then only the last 10 digits will be displayed.

Note: Only the displayed value will be truncated. The full amount will be correctly updated to the database.

Indicates the order/quotation line number.

This field is used to identify the reason why the order/quotation line must be held. Enter a value from the Order held reason codes table. Note: The code that you select must allow the order/quotation to be released manually. (The Manual release parameter (from the Order held reason codes table) must be set to YES.)

The following order held reason codes are pre-loaded in the system:

Release handler
Enter a code to identify the employee responsible for releasing the order/quotation or the order/quotation line.
If the order held reason code 30 (sales restrictions exist) is entered in RC on this panel, indicate in this field the sales restriction type that applies. Sales restrictions are defined in the Sales restriction table. The severity code on the sales restriction type dictates the severity of the hold. See Work with restricted sales for more information.