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Work with select item, Version enquiry (PAPD1001)

This panel displays all the cross reference items of type VS connected to the selected base item. You can setup the configuration item template based on the available fields in this panel. You can also select this item as the configuration item. The template settings are copied to the template of the configured item. The configured item and its related tables will be created based on the template setup.


Select This option is only displayed if this panel was accessed using the Select item program. Select this option to choose the current settings to create the configured item template. You can use this option only if the current item is an original item (CFG column is set to NO).
Warehouse balance Select this option to view the warehouse balance for the selected item.

Function keys

Item information View item information for a non cross-reference item. You can view the all relevant details of the item.

Selection fields

The code and description that identify the item.
Indicates the item stock unit.
The warehouse in which the item is stored.
Indicates if the item is a configured item (=Y) or not (=N).
Item code
The code that identifies the cross-referenced item.
Indicates the available quantity.
On hand
Indicates the current stock on hand.
On order
Indicates the quantity available through purchase orders.
Indicates the quantity reserved for sales orders.
Quantity in QC
Indicates the quantity in quality control.
Usable on hand
Indicates the total quantity of items rejected by quality control, moved to non-conforming stock, and is usable.
Unusable on hand
Indicates the total quantity of items rejected by quality control, moved to non-conforming stock, and is not usable.
Supp fr whs
Indicates the wareshouse from which the item is procured.
Pl time
Indicates the planning time (in days). For a BtB transit delivery, the planning time comprises the lead time and transport time. For a normal delivery, it is the sum of the lead time, transport time, and administration time.
Lead time
Indicates the time (in days) taken from generating a purchase order to receiving the goods from the supplier.
Trpt time
Indicates the transportation time.
Adm time
Indicates the time taken in handling a purchase order; from creating a purchase suggestion to creating the order.
Indicates the total unusable quantity.
Indicates the total unsellable quantity.
Indicates the unavailable quantity.
Stock take
Indicates the quantity under stock take.
Indicates if the item code has a transit delivery. This field is set to NO by default. Set it to YES if the item has a transit delivery.