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About co-operative advertising vouchers


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Co-operative advertising vouchers are authorisations to retailers/customers to spend money on advertising campaigns on behalf of another company. The vouchers, which are pre-numbered and printed, contain each an agreed subsidy (authorised) amount allowed to be spent. These vouchers are authorised by a dedicated sales account manager who also confirms the advertising arrangements of the appliances that should be included in the campaign over a stated period of time.

When the voucher is authorised, the Co-op advertising budget file is updated in order to keep track of the unspent balance, so that it can be further utilised.

The company issuing the vouchers will receive, from time to time, a claim from the retailer/customer for reimbursement of money spent together with the vouchers as supporting documents. A check is then performed to ensure that the vouchers in question are not overspent. If the claim is authorised, a credit claim will be generated and a credit note printed. Provision must be made to create a reverse claim which will reset the voucher(s) and reversing the settlements.

Report printouts and enquiries enable budgetary control and analysis of the vouchers.