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Business partner file enquiry, A/P payment modes (DKFD1121)


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This panel displays information for the supplier’s A/P payment mode valid for domestic payments.

Function keys

Displays the selected business partner number and name.
Payment mode
Displays the selected payment mode.
Priority sequence
Displays the priority of the payment mode. The priority sequence is used during payment proposal creation.
Supplier bank
Displays the bank which is associated with the supplier.
Registration number
Only applicable for Danish banks. Displays the bank registration number.
Account number
Displays the account number of the supplier with the associated bank.
Payment type
Displays the payment type valid for this payment mode.
Our customer number
Displays the supplier’s customer number to be used as our customer.
Print letter of pay
Indicates if you want to print the letter of payment.
Include free text
Displays additional information for the payment mode to be provided to the bank.
Def invoice entry
Indicates if this payment mode should be the default payment mode used during invoice entry for this supplier.