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Work with item price calculations, Mass update – price and percentage (DMR74101)

The mass update for the items in the calculation model is initiated from this panel. Per line, the price in system currency, percentage, eventual price in foreign currency and exchange rate can be updated.

This panel displays the calculation lines for all items existing in the selected calculation model for which a mass update is possible. (Note: No summarised lines will be displayed as it is not possible for summarised lines to be part of a mass update.)

The information displayed includes the line number, description, price in system currency, percentage and whether or not an increase, decrease or replacement of the item’s values should be performed. The lines that do not contain this latter information (i.e. increase, decrease or replacement information), will not be affected by the mass update.

The line number selected will be displayed on this panel along with the information valid for updating. Two scenarios are valid:

  1. If the line to be updated contains an Amount, the amount in question can be increased, decreased with a specified Amount or Percentage, or Replaced with an amount.
  2. If the line to be updated is a percentage of another line, the line can be updated by being replaced with a certain Percentage.

Displays the line number for the line with which you are currently working.
Enter the new price in system currency with which you want to update the calculation line. (The Update method or Replace must also be defined below). Note: If the price shall be updated with a percentage, the Percentage field below must be completed instead. (The Update method , increase/decrease must also be defined).
Completion of this field can apply to the following two scenarios:

  1. If this line is calculated as a percentage of another line, enter a percentage value that is to update the calculation line (theReplace field, below, must also be set to YES).
  2. If the calculation line containing a price shall be updated, it can be increased or decreased (i.e. Update method) by a percentage in this field (the Replace field, below, must also be set to NO).
Indicate if the amount or percentage in the calculation line is to be replaced with the Price or a Percentage entered in the fields above.
Upd method
If the Replace field is set to NO, this field is mandatory. Enter the updating code for how the calculation model is to be updated.

Valid codes are:

Code Description
+ Increase: If a price exists, it will be increased by the price or percentage entered in the fields above.
Decrease: If a price exists, it will be decreased by the price or percentage entered in the fields above.