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Inbound shipments enquiry, Cost allocation by type (DIR63801)

This panel displays the distribution of the selected cost across all lines in the shipment. It is accessed from the Landed cost enquiry.

Function keys

Shipment ID
Displays the shipment ID that the purchase orders are included in.
Shipping agent

Displays the warehouse that will receive the shipment.
Landed cost type
Displays the selected landed cost type.
Displays the vendor that will invoice the distributed cost.
System value
Displays the calculated cost in system currency, excluding any VAT.
Alloc method
Displays the Cost allocation method for the shipment.

Total value
Displays the total line value for the cost being displayed. This can be the Net value, Gross/Net weight, or Gross/Net volume depending on the Cost allocation method.
Displays the purchase order number(s) amongst which the cost has been distributed.
Displays the number of the purchase order line.
Displays the item purchased.
Alloc amount
Displays the distributed cost allocated to this particular purchase order line.
Line value
Displays the value upon which the allocated amount is based. This can be the Net value, Gross/Net weight, or Gross/Net volume, depending on the cost allocation method.
Displays the percentage of the Total value that was allocated to this shipment line. This percentage is calculated as follows:

(Line value x 100) / Total amount

This field can be used to search through the records. Enter an order number and the records will be displayed in ascending order starting with the order number you entered.