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Work with item disposal suggestions, Return purchase order creation (DIR50401)

This program is part of the Work with item disposal suggestions routine. From that routine items that have been rejected/recalled can be selected to be returned to their supplier. This program allows you to create a purchase order requesting replacement goods to be dispatched to your company.

Create from

Suggestion number

Copy to

Order number
Enter a number that you wish to assign to this order. Alternately leave the field blank and the system will automatically assign a number to your purchase order.

Enter the supplier number.
Order type
Enter the order type that you wish to assign to your purchase order.
Displays the warehouse where the rejected/recalled goods are located.

Terms of delivery
Enter a code from the Terms of delivery table indicating the terms that are applicable to the purchase order.

Cost centre
This field is only displayed if cost centre handling is activated and the STKOWNER (Stock Ownership) function is not activated in the Function control file. Enter the cost centre that is responsible for the purchase order.
Enter how the goods are to be priced.

Permitted values:

Value Description
1 Current price
2 NCC cost price
3 Refund % of current price
4 Free of charge
Maintain new order
Indicate if you wish to maintain the order once it has been created.