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About display/entry unit handling

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This type of unit handling exists in all sales related programs where the quantity does not relate to a specific unit. It allows the entry of two units in the same quantity and replaces the stock quantity on display panels. It does not exist in the following:

  • Purchase related programs
  • On panels where the quantity relates to a specific unit, e.g., a contract quantity that relates to a specific sales unit

The Display/entry unit functionality is both function controlled (D/E-UNIT must be activated in the Function control file) and Item controlled (defined in the Item file, System units panel). You can choose, per item, if you want to allow the entry of delimiters. The actual delimiter you can use when entering a quantity depends on what has been defined in the DIS control file. If you choose not to define a delimiter in the DIS control file (the Display/entry delim field), you should at least register your display/entry unit for the item with decimal handling. For more information regarding the different system unit types available in the system see About unit handling in DC1.

Example at sales order line entry

The following depicts different scenarios of entering data in the Quantity and Unit fields on the Work with sales orders, Order lines panel and what the result will be (shown in the subfile under the Order qty column).

The following is assumed to have been set up for the item in the Item file, System units panel:

  • Display/entry unit = C12. (Conversion factor = 12)
  • Default sales unit = C12
  • Stock unit = EACH

Delimiter handling, with the delimiter / is assumed to have been set up in the DIS control file and valid for the item.

Qty entered on order line Unit entered on order line Qty saved in file Unit saved in file Displayed Qty on order line
6/4 blank 76 EACH 6/4
4 blank 4 C12 4
4/ blank 48 EACH 4/0
50 EACH 50 EACH 4/2
2/9 EACH (this will not work. You will receive an error message because the entered unit is not the same as the Display/entry unit. When you use delimiters you either must enter the D/E unit, or (preferably) leave it blank.

C12 (this is the Display/entry unit for this example. The result is displayed in the next two cells.)

(for entered unit C12)
(for entered unit C12)

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