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Report Writer

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The Report Writer in DC1 can be used for a multitude of purposes and offers a vast range of designs. The report can either be presented on paper or on your screen, on-line.

A report consists of four parts:

  • Description
    • General information is defined such as line report or version report, number of lines per page, characters per inch, etc.
  • Columns
    • You define what figures you want to analyse, i.e., sales value, budgeted value, forecasted value. You can create columns by using values from other columns.
  • Layout
    • The layout holds header information on the report.
  • Lines
    • On the lines you can re-define the structure of the information you will present. Defining the selection on each line does this.

Report example

When printing, or creating the report to an on-line report, you either have to connect the report to a version or define lines on the report.

The version holds information about how to sort the data on the report, how to summarise and on which levels to summarise.

This means that you can create a report with certain columns and use different versions for the same report.

Report example

The lines hold information about which data to display, how to summarise and on which levels to summarise.

Report example

The report printout can be created to:

  • Paper
  • On-line reports
  • Database files

Report groups are useful if you, e.g., print a number of reports (always the same reports) on a monthly basis and distribute them to one, or several persons within the company.

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