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Rebuild REACH statistics (DIR89301)

Depending on the time lapsed and the events that occurred from when you last submitted the REACH report, you can choose to rebuild the REACH statistics file, thereby retrieving/updating transactions from a specific transaction date.

The following events cause eventual updates into the REACH statistics file:

  • confirm purchase order reception notes and return orders
  • confirming stock transfers
  • confirming manufacturing work order

Updating of statistics will occur if the:

  • Item arrives to an EU area from within or outside the EU
  • Item contains chemical substance information and at least one chemical substance is defined. In addition, the Report flag in the Item file, Substance information panel must be set to YES denoting that the substance will be printed on the REACH report.
  • Supplier of substance has not previously registered the substance.

Note: Manual inventory transactions and inventory movements are not registered in statistics.

Transaction date >=
Enter the transaction date. All applicable inventory transactions with a date that is greater than or equal to this date will be updated into the REACH statistics file.