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Item file enquiry (DMR17101)

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This panel displays, in alphanumerical order, the existing items in the Item file.

Search for an item

You have several alternatives to find the item, choosing from the following.

  • Entering different search concepts in the bottom part of the panel will display a selection of items. Selection on Item or Internal name can only be made for one parameter at a time.
  • In the six Search fields you can enter search words to find an item. For each item one or several search words can exist. The search words are created in the Item search field control table or in the Rebuild item search fields program.
  • Accessing Attribute search mode by clicking the window prompt icon to the right of the Item field and then clicking the Attr function key.

From this panel you can transfer an item code to the routine you were working in when you opened the Item file enquiry. Do this by entering the code for TRANSFER next to the item and clicking OK.

If you want more information about an item, enter any character next to the item and click OK. Which panel will be the first one displayed is controlled by the template you have selected, or the template that is defined for your user profile in the Work with DC1 user profiles program.

Note: The template currently in use is displayed in the top part of the panel.

Function keys

Display active / Display inactive / Display all Toggle between displaying only active, inactive, or all items.
Select template Select a template. The template decides which information in the Item file that is displayed and in which sequence the panels are displayed.

Selection fields

Select enquiry template (DMR17103)

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This panel displays the enquiry template that you can use when searching for information in the Item file. The template you choose decides which panels will be displayed and in which order they will appear.