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Payment order reminder, Proposal selection (FKR39101)

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On this panel you enter the selection criteria for the payment orders to be included in the proposal.


  • Debtor number
  • Country
  • Currency
  • Cost centre
    Note: The selection is made according to the cost centre entered for each individual document, not according to the default cost centre of the debtor in the Business partner file. If this field is completed, then Division must be blank.
  • Division
    This means that entries exist in Work with divisions. If this field is completed, then Cost centre must be blank.
Calculation date
Enter the date for which you want to do the reminder calculation. All payment orders that are overdue for acceptance (the payment order reminder grace days have passed) are valid for the selection, if all other selection criteria are fulfilled. Today’s date is automatically proposed, but if you are late with updating accepted payment orders, you can select another date. This date is only for the calculation. It is the selection date, i.e., the actual date when the proposal was created, that will be the document date of the reminder. The calculation date will be printed on the reminders as the reminder date up to which acceptance has been registered.