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Configurator BOR maintenance, Op times in decimal/minutes (CFG029B)

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On this panel you can add operations to the configurator bill of routing.


Text Select this option to maintain or add extended operation text.
Conf criteria Select this option to define conformity criteria to be connected to configurator BOR operation. When creating manufacturing orders, included criteria will be copied to the manufacturing order operation and printed on the operation cards as informational text.

Note: These options are only displayed when in change mode.

Function keys

Minutes/Decimals Toggle between hours and minutes and hours and decimals for the operation times.
Op renumbering Renumber the operation numbers. This is useful if you, e.g., have chosen the operation numbers to be in sequence of 10 and you have added an operation, between two existing ones, with a temporary number. This function will replace the temporary number with the appropriate number within the sequence.

Selection fields

Bill of routing
The code that identifies the configuration bill of routing.
The description of the configuration bill of routing.
Op no
Work centre
Run and labour time
Indicates if an extended operation description exists for the operation. The text, when used for configurator bill of routing, may reference substitution variables i.e. attribute code with a % as a prefix.