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CODA/FINSTA transaction code table maintenance (BEFD3151)


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In the CODA/FINSTA interface file, the different types of transactions are identified by a transaction code. Each transaction code comprises of certain information codes which are listed below (the length of each of them is specified in brackets).

The applicable codes are:

Type of
Code length
Transaction type (1)
Family (2)
Transaction code (2)
Category (3)

If the complete transaction code is ABBCCDDD, then A is the transaction type, BB is the family, CC is the transaction code and DDD is the category.

More details on the transaction codes are described in the bank standards document of the Belgian bankers association.

For each transaction code in the CODA/FINSTA interface file of the bank, you can set up different parameters of how this transaction type must be processed in DC1 Financials. The definition of the transaction types can be done for a specific bank account or in general.


Selection fields

Bank account number
Account number of the bank involved in the transaction.
Format of the transcation.
Type of the transaction.
Family of the transaction.
Code of the transaction.
Category of the transaction.

CODA/FINSTA transaction code table maintenance (BEFD3154)

Related topics

Using this panel you can add new or edit existing CODA/FINSTA transaction code information.

Bank account number
Account number of the bank involved in the transaction. This field is editable only if you are entering a new CODA/FINSTA transaction code.
File format
File format where the CODA/FINSTA transaction code information is stored.

Transaction type
The type of the transaction.
The family of the transaction.
Transaction code
The code of the transaction.
The category of the transaction.
Routine code
Enter the routine in DC1 which corresponds with the transaction you are entering in the table. The routine you enter here should exist in the CODA/FINSTA routine table.
Document type
Enter the document type to be used, if this transaction is transferred to DC1 Financials. You can also leave this field blank, in which case the document type specified in the CODA/FINSTA routine table is used.
Pseudo account
Enter the pseudo account, if the transaction code record to be added is linked with the routine G/L.
Incl in CODA process
Indicate if you want to print the transaction codes in the processed CODA/FINSTA transaction printout.
VAT handling code
Enter the VAT handling code for the VAT transactions defined in the CODA/FINSTA file. See Work with VAT handling codes for details.
Settlement policy
Mandatory entry if Policy mandatory is set to YES for the routine used for this transaction type. Enter the settlement policy to be used for this transaction type.
Search description
Enter the description of this transaction type.