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DI A/P invoice printout (FLR41001)

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This printout displays the EDIFACT message INVOIC, i.e. the A/P invoices received via DI. All the information on the received invoice is printed and can be used for approval and/or as a voucher. You can choose to print all invoices, invoices already transferred to DC1 Financials or invoices not yet transferred. If you have printed an invoice once already, you can now print a copy.

To be able to run this routine there are three conditions that must be met. They are the following:

  • The DI method FINEDI must be activated in the DI method table.
  • The DI document INVOIC must be connected to the DI method FINEDI in Work with DI documents.
  • The DI method and the DI document must be connected in the Business partner file.


  • Supplier invoice
  • Supplier party id
  • Trading partner
    This is the trading partner identification of the financial institute.
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
Set to NO if you only want a printout of those invoices not yet transferred to DC1 Financials. Set to YES if you want the invoices already transferred. If you leave the field blank, all the invoices in the DI file will be printed.
Print new copy
Set to YES if you want to print a new copy of the invoice. This means that you have already printed the invoice once and you want to print a new copy. The printout will show COPY.
Enter the printout parameters for the invoices to be printed.

Error list
Enter the printout parameters for the error list to be printed.