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Aut cash book reconciliation selection (AUFD11001)


From this panel you can retrieve electronic bank statement details for a specific bank and match them against the cash book transactions to provide automatic bank reconciliation.

In order for this procedure to take place, the following must be fulfilled. The electronic file containing the bank statement details is normally downloaded from the bank to the iSeries of your company:

  • The bank must provide the download facility, and you must have access to it.
  • The correct iSeries folder mapper must be installed as a network drive on the PC to be used for the procedure.

The data is validated and matched against the cash book transactions. A report is printed listing the correctly matched transactions in the first section. Those that could not be matched are listed in the second section.

Bank ID
Enter the bank for which you want to select cash book transactions.
Bank statement date
Enter the date of the electronic bank statement that should be uploaded for cash book reconciliation. Today’s date is defaulted.

Aut cash book reconciliation selection (AUFD11002)

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