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Inventory, Proposal overview (AACD4301)

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The asset inventory routine is used to keep track of your assets. Inventory proposals with lists are produced according to your selection criteria, and assets can be checked off and will updated automatically or after maintenance of certain information from the Asset file. Location and responsible for the asset can e.g. be changed from the inventory routine if different from what is stated in the Asset file from last inventory.

This panel lists the inventory proposals that exist in your system.


Add Select this option to create a new proposal. You access a panel where you define your selections for the proposal.

Selection fields

Proposal no
This column lists the numbers of the existing inventory proposals.
This column lists the descriptions of the existing inventory proposals.
Val date
This column lists the validation dates of the existing inventory proposals, i.e. the dates when they were created.

Inventory, Activity selection (AACD4303)

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On this panel you choose activity for the selected inventory proposal. Only one activity is allowed at a time.

Proposal number
Displays the number of the proposal you are working with. The proposal number is retrieved from a number series defined in the ASM control file.


Validate inventory
Mark this field to validate the inventory. Validation is usually performed against a checked inventory list. Assets are released for a new inventory after validation.
Maintain proposal
Mark this field to maintain the proposal details. Assets may be added as well as deleted from the proposal.
Print inventory list
Mark this field to print an inventory list for the proposal.
Delete proposal
Mark this field to delete the proposal.