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Reorganise G/L record numbers (FMR08401)

In this routine you can change the DC1 record numbers for PST and VAT files, which will enhance performance times when generating transactions. This is especially useful for companies where the number series for the PSRRNO field has already rolled over. The program will look for any un-used record numbers, then it will reorganise the record numbers within the PST and VAT files so they are sequentially numbered and no gaps remain in the system.

Note: No job can use SROPST or SROVAT files when this routine is running.

Click OK to run the routine in batch mode, or press F2 to run the routine interactively. After the program has finished a message will be sent to inform you of the programs status. If the message ends with 00 this signifies that the program has ended normally. If however the message ends with 01-04 you will know that an error has occurred. Follow the instructions given in the error message then re-run the routine.