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Inbound shipments enquiry, Distributed shipment costs (DIR63701)

This panel is accessed from the Landed cost enquiry (which is itself accessed from the Inbound shipment enquiry). It displays shipment cost information for the selected landed cost type.

Function keys

Included costs View the costs that are included in the calculation. This function is only valid if the Cost alloc method field is set to percentage (PC).

Landed cost type
Displays a code from the Landed cost type table indicating how the landed cost is to be calculated.
Displays a supplier from the Business partner file indicating the supplier of the landed cost. This is the supplier who will send the invoice of the landed cost. It could be the same supplier as the one that appears on the purchase order but it may be a different one.
Transaction amount
Displays the amount of the shipment cost for this cost type. The amount displayed will be distributed across all cost lines according to the Cost alloc method defined below. Note: A value will be displayed either in this field or in the Percentage field, but not in both.
Transaction currency
Displays a code from the Currency table indicating the currency in which the cost is calculated.
Exchange rate
Fixed rate
System value
Displays the calculated cost in system currency. This value does not include VAT.
Displays the value to be used to calculate the cost. This value represents the percentage of the net value on the purchase order line. Note: This field will be blank if a value is displayed in the Transaction amount field.
Cost alloc method
Displays a code indicating the method to be used when calculating the cost.

VAT based
Indicates if this cost is VAT based, i.e. if VAT accounting transactions should be generated for accounting transactions involving this cost.
VAT handling code
Displays a code from the VAT handling table indicating the VAT handling code to apply to this cost.
VAT included
Indicates if VAT is included in the calculated cost. If set to YES, a corresponding Incl VAT % code will be displayed below.
Include VAT % code
Displays the VAT handling code for the VAT percentage that is included in the cost, if any.

Inbound shipments enquiry, Included costs (DIR63702)

This panel displays the cost types (from the Landed cost type table) that are included in the calculation of the landed cost for this cost type.

Displays all of the cost types included in the calculation of the selected cost type.