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Work with batch recalls, Active (DMR68001)

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This is the starting panel of the batch recalls program. This program offers the possibility of:

  • holding back a specific batch (item/batch will be contained in all warehouses)
  • recalling all the shipments for that batch
  • following-up on all of batches that have been returned

Batch recalls are defined for a combination of item and batch number. From this program you will be able to:

  • Create a batch recall.
  • View all dispatches that contained recalled goods: Information pertaining to the customer that has purchased the goods, the quantity purchased and the number of goods that have been returned.
  • Enter customer returns.
  • Follow-up on all recall information.
  • Monitor whereabouts of all recalled stock (in warehouses, bin locations, NCC locations).


Dispatches Select this option to access the Work with batch recalls, Dispatches program. This program allows you to view to which customers the recalled goods have been shipped and which goods have been returned.
Print Select this option to print batch recall information.
Batch Select this option to access the batch maintenance program.

Function keys

Active/All Toggle the Active and All panel modes. The All panel displays all of your company’s recall history. The Active panel displays all current recalls (i.e. all recalls have an expiry date. The recalls that have not expired are considered to still be active).

Selection fields

Work with batch recalls (DMR68004)

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On this panel all the item recall information is entered at the detail level.

Enter the batch number of the item being recalled.
Valid from date
This field is used to specify a time frame in which the recall goes into effect. Enter the starting date. As of this date the item/batch is on recall. Note: This field is used in conjunction with the Valid to date field. During this time frame recalls are considered to be Active.
Valid to date
This field is used to specify a time frame in which the recall expires. Enter the end date. As of this date the item/batch will no longer be on recall.
NCC reason code
Enter a code from the Non-conformity reasons table indicating as to why the goods have been recalled.
Stock category
Enter a non-conforming stock category from the Stock category table. Recalled goods will be placed in this category.
Created by
Displays the ID of the employee that entered this batch recall. Note: Your handler ID will be defaulted to this field once you click OK.
Creation date
Displays the date that this batch was recalled (this is the date that the recall was entered into the system).
Creation time
Displays the time that this batch was recalled (this is the time that the recall was entered into the system).

Work with batch recalls, Copy (DMR68005)

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This panel displays all the records you selected to copy.

Recall number
Displays the source record.

New recall number
Enter the target name (i.e. the name that you wish to assign to your new record).

Work with batch recalls, Deletion (DMR68008)

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Work with batch recalls, Print (DMR680011)

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From this panel you may print all the information related to the batch recall that you selected on the previous panel.

Include details
Set this field to YES to print batch recall information at the detail level. This will add information pertaining to deliveries and returns to your printout. Set to NO to not print batch recall details.