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VAT yearly listing (BEFD1401)


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The VAT yearly listing contains an overview of all the customers, the total turnover and the VAT amounts for a certain year. On this panel you define the selection criteria for printing the VAT yearly listing report. Note that the report must be sent to the authorities via the Internet.


VAT handling code
Enter the VAT handling code for which you want to generate the report.
Enter the year for which you want to generate the report.
Check on minimum am
Indicate if you want to consider having a minimum amount check.
Minimum amount
Enter the minimum amount to generate a report of the customer having the total turnover amount more than the specified minimum amount.
Indicate if you want to run a simulation of the report and create a control list. If you set to YES, then this printout will not be treated as an official document. If you set to NO, then the official VAT yearly listing is created.
Include blank VAT no
Indicate if you want to include the transactions of debtors without a VAT registration number in the report.