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A/R portfolio proposal, Crt bank files (FKR33901)

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From this panel you create bank files to be sent to the banks that accept remittance on magnetic media. Click OK to create one file per bank in the proposal. The files can then be copied to magnetic media for remittance to the banks. Only bank files for one proposal can be active at a time.

To create bank files for a new proposal, you must copy the existing files to magnetic media, or remove them. This is all done in the Create bank remittance magnetic media routine. Removal of files can be done even if the files have not been copied.

Proposal number
Displays the bank code for each bank in the proposal.
Bank name
Displays the bank name for each bank in the proposal.
This amount in transaction currency will be remitted to each bank in the proposal.
The file layout for each bank is retrieved from Work with banks.