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About Australian cash sales


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  • The AU (Australian modifications) application must be activated in Work with application definitions.
  • The AUSETTL (AU settlement) function must be activated in the Function control file.

A number of Australian companies allow cash sales whereby a customer comes to the factory or warehouse and purchases the stock. The customer could be an existing business partner in DC1, but it is not mandatory.

Payment types

During sales order settlement, the following payment types could be used in the Cash sales routine:

Type Description
Cash The customer is paying in cash.
Cheque The customer is paying by cheque.
Card The customer is paying by credit card.
Bank transfer The customer is paying by bank transfers.

Order settlement codes

Every customer must have a predefined settlement code assigned before selling through cash sales orders. You define the applicable settlement code in Work with terms of payment (TOP). You then assign the TOP code to your customer on the All A/R basic data panel in the Business partner file. The following codes apply:

Code Settlement Description
1 Settlement not required A sales order can be closed without settling the payments or going through the normal sales order cycle.
2 Settlement optional The settlement panel will be displayed while closing the order, but entry of the payment is optional.
3 Settlement required before delivery Settlement must be done before the delivery of goods.
4 Settlement required The sales order cannot be closed without settling the payments. If payments are pending for an order, then you are not allowed to exit the Sales order routine until full payment is done.