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A/R statement of account printout (FKR03201)

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On this panel you order a printout of statements of account for debtors. For each debtor in the Business partner file there is a code deciding whether or not statements should be sent to the specific debtor. Debtors with this code set to NO will not be included in the selection. A statement of account is an external document which is printed in the language of the debtor. The A/R control file contains the text that is printed on the footing of the documents.

The A/R control file determines if a cross-reference between documents and settlements and vice versa should be printed on the statements. One statement per debtor and transaction currency will be printed, and sundry debtors will receive one statement per transaction, if they are included in the selection.

Enter one of the following values for your selection:

Value Description
1 A standard statement of account, which shows opening and closing balances for the selected period range, and all transactions entered in those periods in ascending document date order.
2 An open items statement of account, which shows all open items that have been entered from the system start-up to, and including, the selected end period.


  • Accounting period
  • Note: The “from” period is not used on the open items list.

  • Debtor number
  • A/R group
  • Transaction currency
  • Country
  • Cost centre
    If this field is completed, then Division must be blank.
  • Main salesman/Handl
  • Division
    If this field is completed, then Cost centre must be blank.
Negative balance
Indicate if you want to include debtors with negative (debit) balances.
Nil balance
Indicate if you want to include debtors with nil balances.
Print salesman
Indicate if you want to print the name of the salesman on transaction details.