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Pick consolidation number assignment (DIR32201)

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This routine can be accessed either by selecting the Assign pick consolidation numbers menu item or by clicking Print pick list in the Pick consolidation maintenance program.

Pick consolidations simplify the “picking” process by grouping multiple orders together into one document; a pick list for this consolidated document can then be printed. This is a timesaving and efficient method of printing pick lists – the alternative would be to print individual pick lists from the Print sales order pick list program.

With this program you can create a pick consolidation that will only group the orders and order lines that meet your specifications.

This program is an advanced search tool that accesses information from orders that are ready to be printed on a pick list. Use it to find any orders that you wish to include in your pick consolidation. The more information that you enter on this screen the narrower your search result will be. Once you have defined your search criteria click OK. The system will create the pick consolidation and assign it a unique number.

To view the resulting pick consolidation you must exit this routine and access the Work with pick consolidation program; all available pick consolidations are listed in the initial panel.

Note: Sales order lines can only be added to a pick consolidation if they are due to be printed on a pick list (status 20). In addition, the sales order type (used to enter the sales order) must have the Pick consolidation parameter set to YES. Sales order types are defined in the Sales order type table.


  • Warehouse
  • Route
  • Departure
  • Item shipm group
  • Shipping agent
  • Customer
  • Order number
  • Shipment number
  • Dispatch date
  • Country
    The country code entered is checked against the country from the Delivery address on the sales order.
  • Manner of transport