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Using the Help Centre

See the following areas for more information.

Features of the DC1 Help Centre

The following features are available to help you find just the information you are looking for:

  • Full text search: Enter the search argument to retrieve a list of all documents where the argument was found.
  • Navigation pane: Drill down in the navigation tree structure to find the information.
  • Related topics: Links to Related topics can be found in most User Guide, Setup Guide and Reference Guide documents. In addition, and when applicable, related topic links can also be found in Panel help documents.
  • Glossary: Provides definitions of DC1 and industry terms.

Accessing the DC1 Help Centre

Help can be launched from any menu or program in DC1. The result depends on the point of access.

  1. Access from DC1 menu bar: By selecting Help/Help Contents from the menu bar, you access the DC1 Help Centre Welcome page. From here you can choose the DC1 Application for which you want help.
  2. Access from DC1 menu: If the connection to the DC1 Help Centre was configured as a menu item using MEDEA, you can select the Help icon.
  3. Access from the toolbar: If the menu item is configured to be promoted to the toolbar you will be able to access the DC1 Help Centre via an icon on the toolbar.
  4. Access from DC1 program: By clicking F1, you will launch the help document for the panel. When applicable, related topics can be found at the top of the document giving you access to more process related information (e.g., User Guide information, Setup information and Reference Guide information).

Using the Glossary

Access the glossary for definitions of DC1 and industry terms. Search for the word directly or use the Alphabet listed at the top of the Glossary for quick navigation.