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Create rebate claims/payments (DMR47501)

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In this program you have the possibility of entering selection criteria to create a number of rebate payments or rebate claĆ­ms, depending on from which menu item this program is started, thus avoiding manual creation of all claims/payments. All rebate transactions that match the entered selection criteria will be selected. One rebate payment/claim will be created per rebate payer/rebate currency (for claims) or per rebate receiver/rebate currency (for payments). If the flag for One agreement/claim (for claims), alternatively One agmt/payment (for payments) is enabled, then one claim/payment will be created per rebate agreement. The entered handler and description will end up on all created claims/payments.


Complete the specifications below.

One agreement/claim or One agmt/payment
Indicate if one claim/payment should be created per rebate agreement.
Enter the responsible handler for the rebate claim/payment.
Enter the description of the handler.


  • Rebate receiver (Only displayed for rebate payments)
  • Rebate payer (Only displayed for rebate claims)
  • Rebate currency
  • Agreement
  • Agreement start date
  • Agreement end date
  • Agreement type
  • Agreement group
  • Receiver reference (Only displayed for rebate payments)
  • Payer reference (Only displayed for rebate claims)
  • Customer (Only displayed for rebate payments)
  • Supplier (Only displayed for rebate claims)
  • Invoice number (Only displayed for rebate payments)
  • Purchase order no (Only displayed for rebate claims)
  • Invoice date (Only displayed for rebate payments)
  • Reception date (Only displayed for rebate claims)
  • Area
  • Cost centre