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  7. MSDS enquiry, CAS-number (DIR70601)

MSDS enquiry, CAS-number (DIR70601)

This panel displays all CAS-numbers defined for the MSDS.


Display Select this option to display details of the CAS number.

Displays the Cas-number from the CAS number table, defined for the MSDS.
Concentration of the chemical in %.
Alias name
If an alias name is entered for a CAS-number, the alias name is printed on the MSDS instead of the CAS-number and CAS description.
If this field is set to YES, the record will be printed on the MSDS.

MSDS enquiry, CAS-number/R-phrase (DIR70604)

This panel is only displayed if the Display option was selected on the previous panel. It displays all R-phrases that were defined for the CAS-number in the CAS-number table file (SROCTLCN).

Function keys

Displays the CAS-number selected on the previous panel.
Concentration %
Displays a value in percent which represents the chemical’s strength.
Displays the symbols defined for the CAS-number. Symbols are retrieved from the CAS-number table (SROCTLCN).
Alias name
Displays the alias name of the CAS-number.
Print on MSDS
If this field is set to YES, the CAS-number will be printed on the MSDS.
Displays all R-phrases defined for the CAS-number. R-phrases are fetched from the CAS-number table (SROCTLCN).