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Configurator item enquiry, Alternative bill of routing (CFG227F)

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This panel displays constraints for an alternative bill of routing. Constraints are one or more sets of attributes and values that define the conditions under which this alternative bill of routing will be used.

Sequence number
The sequence number that is registered in intervals of 10 indicates the order in which the lines on the alternative bill of routing are displayed.
Bill of routing
The code that identifies the alternative bill of routing.
The comparison (EQ, GE, GT, LE, LT) and the quantity if quantity ordered is used to define selections for this alternative routing.
The code that identifies the attribute.
The description of the attribute.
This field, in combination with Value from-to, is used to define the conditions that allow usage of this alternative bill of routing. The bill of routing will only be used if the values that are selected at product configuration meet the defined conditions.

The code indicates what test operand to be used when comparing the attribute values selected at product configuration with those defined for this alternative bill of routing in Value from-to.

Valid codes are:

Code Description
EQ Equal
GE Greater or equal
GT Greater than
LE Less or equal
LT Less than
RA Within range of values

Note: If this field is blank the attribute will not be included in the comparison with the values selected at product configuration.

Value from-to
The values, either single value (from) or a range of values (from-to), that belong to the attribute. These values, in combination with the test operand defined in Test, define the conditions for when this alternative bill of routing should be used.