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Stock Replenishment

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The Stock Replenishment module encompasses the entire purchase order processing cycle, which is very flexible and easy to use. The purchase order processing is fully integrated with stock control and, depending on the order type, both stock on hand and statistics are updated.

By using established re-order point policy, (not using time axis), the items will be suggested for purchase when the available stock falls below the re-order point allowed for the item(s). If time axis is used the item(s) will be suggested for purchase when a negative availability within the planning time occurs. The item lines from the purchase suggestion can then be copied into a purchase order.

DC1 Distribution caters for a variety of methods in which prices can be determined for your suppliers when entering purchase orders.

The purchase order routine handles both purchase orders and returns to suppliers. Immediate reception without the printing of any documents is also possible. Order entry is simplified by utilising the option to copy an existing order to create a new order. You can also enter order lines using an item assortment.

Reception handling is also very flexible. There is a quality control facility for the items received. All items under quality control will not be available for sale until the quality control confirmation has been performed. You also have the option of full batch control support and serial number tracking.

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