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Commissions printout (DIR38501)

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Through this program you can print a list displaying all commissions created for salesmen. The commission printout can be used as a basis for your company when commission should be paid to the salesmen.

Paying the commissions to salesmen is handled manually in, for example, DC1 Financials. When the commissions have been paid, the payment date should be entered back into the system. This is also done manually, using the Working with commissions menu item.


  • Salesman
  • Order number
  • Order date
  • Invoice date
Only paid
Indicate if only commissions which are already paid to salesmen should be printed.
Only not paid
Indicate if only commission which are not paid to salesmen should be printed.
Ready to be paid
Indicate if only commissions which are ready to be paid to salesmen should be printed. Commission ready to be paid are commissions which are based on the invoice amount, i.e. Base amount is set to 3, and where the sales order line which generated the commission has status 60 (= invoiced).
Printer queue
If this is the first time you order a printout today, the system defaults the outqueue defined for you user profile in the iSeries. You may select another printer. If you have printed a list earlier today, the printer you used at that time is proposed now.
Number of copies
Indicate the number of printout copies you want, if more than one is required.
Hold before print
This field is set to NO by default, which means that you will get a printout as soon as the printer is available. If you set this field to YES, the printout is held in the output queue and can be requested later, for instance by the system commands WRKSPLF or WRKOUTQ.
Save after print
It is possible to save the invoices on the Spool file after printing. This is a security feature, if a break should occur when the invoices are being printed. They can then be restarted if they have been saved on the spool file.

Click OK when all relevant information has been completed.